How do I change a service address?

How do I change a service address?

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Directors’ details can be updated free of charge via Rapid Formations Online Admin Portal or Companies House WebFiling facility.

A service address is the official contact address of a limited company director, company secretary, subscriber, LLP member and any person or corporate body who is registered as a Person with Significant Control (‘PSC’) of a company, including shareholders who own in excess of 25% of a company’s share capital, and guarantors who hold more than 25% of the firm’s voting rights. Companies House and HMRC and other government agencies, will send statutory mail to these individuals at their nominated service address. You can use any address you like, but it will be placed on public record.

Change a director’s service address

Yes, you can change it at any point after company formation, but you must inform Companies House within 14 days of doing so. This can be done in one of three ways.

  • Via the online Admin Portal of a company formation agent.
  • Online using Companies House WebFiling service.
  • By post to Companies House.

Choosing a director’s service address

Unlike a registered office, a service address can be situated absolutely anywhere in the world. This means there is no need to live in the country where you register your business. Your registered office will have to stay in the country of incorporation, but you can run your business from wherever you like.

You may use your registered office or home as a service address. However, lots of people choose a non-residential address because they want to protect the privacy of their home.

The most common choice for those who require a service address is a professional service address facility provided by another company. This type of service is widely available and usually very affordable. Any correspondence received at the professional address will then be forwarded on to the individual at their home.

Change a director’s service address our Admin Portal

Rapid Formations Admin Portal is free-of-charge and available to clients and non-clients alike. Our facility provides a fast and efficient way to change your registered details and send electronic updates to Companies House.

Existing customers can login to their client area to change a service address. If you are not an existing customer, you can create a free account and import your existing company onto our Admin Portal. You will then be able to manage your registered details online, make changes and send updates to Companies House whenever you need to.

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