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Nice and easy, very quick and hassle-free would recommend to anyone looking to start a businesss.

Harry Shearer

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Our friendly Customer Service Team are available 24/7 to assist you, whether it be a tentative initial enquiry, or a question regarding your order - we are here to help.


I was extremely impressed with Rapid Formation’s site, the ease of completing and submitting the application. From my experience you can use this site with confidence, it was completed within hours. Brilliant!

James Malcolm Watson

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As a Rapid Formations customer, you will enjoy free unlimited support and free access to our online customer portal to update and change your company details...for the lifetime of your company.


We're just at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey and so far Rapid Formations have made the process of registering our company stress-free.

Mickela Sonola

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problems that may arise

Thankfully, things do not go wrong too often, but when they do, please be assured we assume responsibility and make sure our clients' objectives are achieved as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Done on time as promised. Does what it says on the tin. Reliable service.

Robert Sutaria

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