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What details are required to set up a limited company?

You must have a registered office address, details of all directors, shareholders, people with significant control, and also secretary details (if required). Please see our Information Required page for full details.

Why do I need a registered office address?

All limited companies are legally required to have a registered office address.  Statutory mail will be sent here and the address details will be displayed on public record. You company register (including all statutory registers) should also be stored here for inspection, unless you are using a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) address. 

How long does it take to form a company?

Rapid Formations is a Companies House e-filing partner, and by using our services, you can complete your online application in 5 minutes and your company formation will usually be approved by Companies House within 3 to 6 working hours. Please note that this is subject to Companies House workload and at times they can take longer.

Why does my company have to be registered with Companies House?

Companies House is the registrar of companies in the UK.  It is a legal requirement for all limited companies to register with Companies House. 

Do I need to be present during the company formation process?

No, you can complete the entire process online without leaving your office or house!  Your new company documents will be emailed to you in PDF format on the day of registration. 

Do I have to be a UK resident to form a company?

You are not required to be a UK resident in order to register a limited company. 

How and when do I receive my new company documents?

As soon as Companies House approves your company registration, you will receive electronic copies of your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Share Certificates for all shareholders. Printed and bound copies of these documents will be posted to you within 24 hours (if applicable).

How much will it cost to form a company?

Your company could be incorporated from as little as £9.99 plus VAT if you register through Rapid Formations. This includes Companies House filing fee of £10.00.

What are the Memorandum and Articles of Association?

The memorandum of association is a company formation document containing the details of a company’s original members (shareholders or guarantors) and their intention to form a company. Any share details will also be included here.  

The articles of association prescribe the internal management, rules and regulations of a company and its liability. Together, these documents form the foundation of the company’s constitution.

Can I upload my own Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association?

Most companies use the standard model documents (with a couple adjustments) provided in our formation packages; however, if you wish to use your own memorandum and articles, please call our support team at 020 7871 9990. We will provide you with a link to our company formation package that allows for additional customisation, including uploading your own documents and issuing multiple share classes.

Do I have to pay additional fees to Companies House?

No. If you register through Rapid Formations, the £10.00 filing fee charged by Companies House is included in the formation package price.

What happens if my application is rejected by Companies House?

Occasionally, this may happen, and it is typically due to an unsuitable company name or incomplete information on your application. Don’t worry – these issues can be easily resolved and you will be given the opportunity to re-submit your online application with the correct details or upload supporting documents and evidence. Our client support team is also on hand to guide you through this process and provide assistance.

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