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What is a Confirmation Statement?

A confirmation statement is a document that company directors must complete at least once every 12 months and deliver to Companies House. It is used to confirm the registered details of a company at a certain date, as well as to update certain information (such as shareholders).

The confirmation statement replaced the annual return (the name changed on 30 June 2016). It is important not to confuse the confirmation statement with annual accounts, which is a separate annual requirement.

What information do I need to include in my Confirmation Statement?

Your confirmation statement should state your company name and registration number. By filing a confirmation statement, you are confirming that all information on the public record as regards to your registered office, director and secretaries, share capital, and PSC information, is correct. When there have been changes to the company's industrial classification codes, shareholders, and share trading status, these should be reported on the confirmation statement.

When do I have to file the Confirmation Statement?

You must file your first confirmation statement with Companies House no later than 14 days after the anniversary of company formation. Future confirmation statements must be delivered no later than 14 days after the 'confirmation date' of the previous statement - in most cases, this is the same date as your incorporation anniversary, unless you file an early statement one year.

What is the 'confirmation' date?

This is the date on which all information included in the Confirmation Statement must be correct and it will most likely be the anniversary of company incorporation. The confirmation date falls exactly 12 months after the date of company registration or the 12 months after the confirmation date of the previous year’s statement.

What is the difference between a Confirmation Statement and annual accounts?

The Confirmation Statement confirms and reports all current registered details of a company and its members, whereas the annual accounts are the financial accounts of a company. Both must be accurate and filed with Companies House each year, whilst the annual accounts must also be delivered to HMRC with the Company Tax Return.

How do I file my Confirmation Statement?

Your Confirmation Statement can be prepared and filed online using our Admin Portal or via Companies House WebFiling facility.

If you would like Rapid Formations to prepare and file your Confirmation Statement, this service can be purchased as part of the All Inclusive package, or as an additional service with any of our other company formation packages. Our charge for carrying out this task also includes the Companies House filing fee of £13.00, and this service is renewable every 12 months.

What happens if a Confirmation Statement is late?

There is no automatic penalty for the late filing of a Confirmation Statement. These only apply to late annual accounts. However, a late confirmation statement may impact your credit rating and, where no filing is made at all, may result in Companies House taking steps to strike off the company or even bringing proceedings against the directors.

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