About CompaniesCompany Formation Image of a white street sign in London, printed with the words "Parliament Street Sw1, Whitehall SW1, City of Westminster", representing our optional registered office service in London.

A registered office – what is it?

A registered office is the official contact address of a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP). At this nominated address, which is publicly available online via the Companies Register, a company or LLP will receive statutory letters, notices, and other communications from government bodies such as Companies House and HMRC. Please note: throughout the…

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Business Tips A selection of famous company logos

Do I need to register my company logo?

To gain publicity for your company, it must be completely discernible from its competitors. You’ve got to ensure that consumers will instantly recognise your products and be inclined to purchase those products without thinking twice. This is achieved through effective branding, which includes a relevant and recognisable company logo. According to the American Marketing Association…

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