Reporting changes to your limited company and directors’ details

A line of neon yellow file folders lined up along a wooden shelf in front of a pale blue wall.Directors are legally required to notify Companies House and/or HMRC when certain company details are changed after incorporation. There are many instances when you will have to update your company details and report changes, most of which can be carried out free of charge online.

Some common examples include:

  • Changing your company name.
  • Changing the registered office address.
  • Using a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) address.
  • Moving your statutory company records from one location to another.
  • Appointing and removing directors.
  • Appointing and removing company secretaries.
  • Changing the registered details of directors and secretaries.
  • Changing the structure of your company.
  • Allotting new shares.
  • Transferring shares.
  • Changing your accounting reference date (ARD).
  • Appointing an accountant.
  • Altering the articles of association.

Reporting changes to Companies House

Company name

Most changes do not attract a filing fee, but Companies House does charges a fee of £8.00 (online filing) or £10.00 (paper filing) to change a company name. If you wish to change the registered name of your company, you must inform Companies House as soon as possible. The new name will not take effect until it is registered and approved by Companies House. You will be issued with a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name as confirmation.

You must also remember to notify your bank and other third parties if you change your company name – click here to find out more.

Registered office

You can change your company’s registered office address at any time, as long as it remains in the same country. You must notify Companies House immediately to ensure all statutory mail is delivered to the new address. HMRC will be notified by Companies House, so you will not have to contact them yourself unless you are also changing the contact details for a Group Payment Arrangement.

Articles of association

If you wish to alter your company’s articles of association, a special resolution must be passed by the company shareholders or guarantors to approve the changes. A copy of the whole document as altered should be sent to Companies House for approval within 15 days. A copy of the members’ resolution to change the articles should be filed at the same time.

Share capital

You must tell Companies House within 1 month if you allot (issue) more shares in your company. There is no need to update shareholders’ details at the same time – you will report these changes on the next annual return.

Other changes

The following changes must be reported to Companies House within 14 days:

  • You move your statutory company records to a different inspection location, i.e. from the registered office to a SAIL address, or vice versa
  • A director resigns or is removed from the company.
  • A director’s details change – name, service address, residential address, occupation, nationality, country of residence. You cannot change a director’s DOB – if the wrong DOB has been registered, you must remove and reappoint the director to alter this information.
  • You appoint or remove a company secretary.
  • A secretary’s details change.

All of these changes can be easily carried out via Companies House WebFiling or Rapid Formations’ free Online Admin Portal.

Reporting changes to HMRC

You must notify HMRC if you change your company name or trading address (this is your company’s contact address, not the registered office address) – if you file Company Tax Returns using Corporation Tax Online, you can easily update your company details there. You can also make changes to your Corporation Tax accounting period using this online service.

If you wish to use an accountant or advisor to manage your tax affairs, the individual must be formally authorised by HMRC to act on your behalf. You must also tell HMRC if you start using a different accountant or advisor.

If you close or sell your company, you will have to separately notify all relevant HMRC departments with whom your company is registered – Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, etc.

Report changes using our free Online Admin Portal

Existing clients can sign in to their account by clicking ‘Client Login’ on the top right-hand corner of our website. Non-clients can create a free account and import their company details to access this service. This facility will allow you to change your registered office and SAIL address, appoint and remove directors and secretaries, update directors’ and secretaries’ details, and upload and file documents with Companies House, including annual returns and members’ resolutions. All information will be delivered electronically to Companies House and updated on the public register of companies within approximately 24 hours. Click here to find more about this facility.

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